Friday, October 19, 2007

Clowning Around

I figured I'd post up today with some pictures of the stars, my two Clowns (Amphiprion ocellaris, to be exact). The larger of the two is the female, who I've named "Aaralyn." Kind of nerdy to name fish, I know, but if you see these two in person you'd understand. The smaller, the male, has been dubbed Bering. I know, A. Ocellaris lives nowhere near the Bering Sea, but...well...get over it.

These are the same two clowns I started the hobby with back in March, and they've been through a lot. Several months of treatment for parasites (Presumably Cryptocaryon irritans, commonly known as Marine Ich) as well as several moves of the tank. Unfortunately, they're not done yet. I'll have to tear down and move everything home in a couple of months for the winter break, move it back after about a month...I'll likely have to move it back and forth for spring break as well, and finally home for the summer...only to be moved back into the dorms in August when RA Training starts up again. I'm terrified that every time I move the tank I'm going to lose something, I guess I can only hope that it won't be these guys.

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klgrant2 said...

I think you should rename them fluffyflower and honeycomb....