Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thanksgiving Break Update

Good lord...I go home for 4 days for thanksgiving and return to a TON of evaporation. I turned off the Halide for the weekend to try to minimize it, but it was still ridiculous. I topped off probably half a gallon of water (water level was low by about an inch). This seem to be fine, otherwise. Both fish okay, all corals looking alright. The small zoa frag has even started spreading new little guys off, and I've suspected my mushroom had split for a while, but I finally came back and saw the second mouth, so I know for sure there are two of them!

I did notice an increase in the red bubble algae, the hair algae was a bit less prevalent after several days of darkness, but there appears to have been a small bit of Cyano starting up. I'm hoping that doing a water change tomorrow will solve that, but I'm considering adding some sort of filtration...perhaps a skimmer, perhaps a hang-on refugium. Any ideas?

Here's a blurry shot after I turned the lights back off tonight...just to tease you. I'll get some new, good pictures up sooner or later.

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