Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Saga Continues

So it came time to move the tank home from school. I moved the display tank first, putting my rocks and inverts into a rubbermaid container for a couple of weeks while I did some work on the tank. Painted the back of it black, and replaced the dirty sandbed with some fresh new oolitic (sugar-sized) sand.
The black background would add an aspect of depth to the tank, and the new sand just looks better.

The lighting was soon replaced with a 175 watt Metal Halide system run by a PFO ballast. This shot was taken while it was using a generic 14,000 kelvin bulb, but it has since been replaced with a Hamilton 14,000 kelvin and the results have been obvious.

I have since rebuilt the pendant that the fixture is mounted in and added some moonlights. I also removed the filter from the Eclipse 12 in favor of the flow provided by a MaxiJet 900 powerhead, and to eliminate the ridiculous amount of shade created by the filter (it wasn't all that efficient anyways.) The PVC stand for the pendant has also been painted black.

After a good three months, the clowns found their way back into the display tank and have remained healthy to this day. The following picture is a full tank shot after reintroducing the clowns into the tank and after most of the previously mentioned changes to the system.

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