Saturday, May 24, 2008


The construction on the frame for the stand is complete, approximately $10 in lumber later we've got a super solid 2x4 stand. My mom, being generous as she is and for some reason enjoying painting, has primed and painted the stand with white exterior paint to seal the frame against moisture. Tank should be able to go on it as-is, and I will skin it with 1/2" plywood as funding allows.

After sitting around and talking reef with Sue and her three dogs for about 4 hours yesterday (sorry for using up your entire afternoon!) I came home with her old Aqua-C EV-150 skimmer. I was pretty excited to hook it up to the Mag 7 I bought, but it didn't take long for me to realize that I neglected to purchase any tubing, so it'll have to wait. I plan to run it in a rubbermaid full of hot water/vinegar mixed for a couple of hours to clean the inside out really well, and then run it for a few hours in just hot water to rinse it. Yesterday I just soaked it in vinegar/water for a couple of minutes and went at it with a scrubby pad.

The cylinder inside the cap of the collection cup is broken off, and as far as I can tell that shouldn't affect skimming at all. I've discovered that the top of a small margarine tub fits pretty snugly around the shards that are there currently, so perhaps I can find a way to glue that on there in place of the acrylic cylinder. I don't even know what this part of the cap it necessary to "fix?"

Also, I have another dilemma - sump placement. It fits almost perfect sideways in the 20H, with what I would estimate is less than half an inch of clearance between the tank and the end of the gate valve. You can see what I mean in the this enough room for water to flow effectively out of the valve, or should I position it the other way?

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