Monday, January 28, 2008

MARS Frag Swap 4.0

Though I didn't get there until 2:30, I would say the swap was a success. Money was raised to support the MARS website's maintenance and hosting costs, and it looks like a lot of the swappers made a lot of sales. All I could think while walking around looking at things was "I wish I had a bigger tank...and a bigger budget."

While I didn't purchase anything, I did snag a few of the freebie frags from Mark's fragging demo. I learned a few things about propagation, got to talk shop, all in all it was a good trip...aside from nearly getting myself run over by a truck...INSIDE the building...

Later last night I stopped by Landon's place to pick up that Blastomussa frag (The guys at ReefCentral ID it as Merletti), and while I was there he threw in a little Pocillipora that had been getting knocked around his tank for a while. You can see that it's a little bleached from being upside down for a while, but it should make a pretty good recovery I think. The blasto was opening up very shortly after being introduce to my tank...I can't wait to see it start growing out!

Anyways, pictured in the post are the Hydno and Porites frag I snagged at the demo, as well as the Blasto and the Pocillipora I got from Landon.

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