Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Toys!

Well...everything is doing pretty well aside from some algae. The side walls are a little ugly, and i'm getting some cyano/assorted disgustingness in the sandbed, but overall the livestock is doing well. All the coralline on the sides has bleached out as well after moving it home for christmas break, but the color is starting to come back...just in time for me to move it back to school in a couple of weeks (poor clowns!)

So I did a little shopping today...hehe. Slightly over $100 in new toys for the aquarium. First thing's first, some new cleaners! 6 Nassarius snails and two small blue legged hermits (well...maybe only one, the other might be an empty shell...oh well.)

And now to the real toys, I'm really excited about these. An AquaClear 50 and a Hydor Koralia Nano!

I'm really excited about how small this pump I think it's a lot more attractive than the MJ900 I currently have in there and the GPH is about the same (The Koralia might be more, even.)

I'm leaving town in a couple of days, so I'm not sure if I want to put either the filter or the pump into the tank right before I leave for fear that the changes will freak things out, but I may do it just because I can't resist the urge to play...hehe

I may end up removing the MJ900 from the tank and using it for something else...the AC50 runs about 200gph through it, and the Koralia Nano is about 240gph, which should be plenty in a 12 gallon (perhaps a little much?) In any case I doubt I'll need the MaxiJet anymore (Unless I were to set it up on a wave timer with the Koralia...) The snails and crab(s) will remain in Quarantine till I get back from Texas on the 11th, so I figure that's plenty of time to make sure they're all doing okay and to kill any leftover parasites or whatever that might be clinging to the shells. I know the odds are quite small, but in a 12 gallon tank it's better to be a little over cautious I think.

Anyways, that's the news...any ideas as to what I should do with the flow? I've been thinking about putting the Koralia on the same timer as the lights to simulate calmer nighttime seas, what are your thoughts on that?

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